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Cj Shaffer is now serving the luxury Austin real estate market through Kurb Real Estate Group with Compass Texas. Cj comes from executive sales and marketing background providing a competitive edge for buyers, sellers, and investors.

CJ started from the grassroots of growing an organic marketing and sales business in Las Vegas, NV growing from a small entrepreneur to an Enterprise level go-to business for the entertainment industry. Later he joined a fortune 500 company to take unsuccessful real-estate sales regions to positive cash flow. He did this by unique complex co-branding and partnerships with luxury brands. His experience took him through Las Vegas, Destin, Seattle, and Orange County consisting of taking areas from $25M sales to $100M+.


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CJ is one of Austin’s unsurpassed Realtors of his kind. He is extremely knowledgeable in not only the market, but business transaction and modern-day marketing. So...
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CJ Shaffer - Compass Real Estate Austin Texas

Interview with CJ Shaffer at KURB Real Estate a part of Compass Austin Texas.

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Previously serving the Orange County, CA market, CJ delivers an unparalleled experience through unique branding and marketing of properties.
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