Kurb Group Services


Buyers Agency

CJ provides a competitive edge when it comes to buying in Austin’s aggressive market. Representing buyers is his fiduciary duty to find a long-term solution for his clients. Educating buyers on the future value of their home not to overlook any stigmas that could affect the property value in the future. KURB Group was designed to help be creative in the buying market including discovering off-market deals. CJ specializes in California, New York, and Miami relocation buyers looking for the right home in Austin, TX.


Sellers Agency

Not everyone can specifically target a buyer based on the highest and best use of a property. Yielding the highest rate of return and the smooth transaction is our duty to our clients. With a decade of sales & marketing, CJ delivers an unmatched marketing experience. Subsequently, his experience living in multiple metropolitan areas allows him to market outside of Austin through his vast real estate network.


Custom Home Construction

Designing your custom home can be challenging if you work with any agent or builder. KURB Group provides services from locating the perfect build site to working hand in hand with the best builder to create your family’s lifestyle. Specializing in modern open floor design, KURB Group has a turn-key process for building your custom home in Austin, Texas.


Creative Development

Creative development is a service KURB Group designed to help enhance the selling and buying experience of complicated properties. To discover the highest and best value of buying real estate such as land, teardowns, and out-of-proportion residential and commercial properties. KURB’s network of attorneys, builders, engineers, and developments can help provide a clear road map of what is possible.


Real Estate Investing

Looking to invest in real estate during Austin’s unprecedented growth? KURB Group provides a safe vertically integrated process for minor and major real estate investments. Our group provides a predictable environment to choose on a project basis the right investment for personal and company investments. Inquire more to learn our average rate of return and up-and-coming projects.